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Understanding how they charge

Rated 1 out of 5
November 11, 2022

I was charged 2231.44 with no new parts for a brake adjustment the average brake adjustment cost 50 dollars a wheel . It took over 5 days , When driver left the brakes went to smoking again after a road service truck and trailer had to go back to the Cornwell’s Truck Repair. They agreed it took 16 hours and only charged for 12 hours . J-Brake still didnt work cause they didnt have Freightliner software .

Rodney Burnett-Johnson


Rated 1 out of 5
August 17, 2022


Disgusting!! Rats!!! They live off truckers’ money and steal from truckers!

Please take into account the comments so as not to fall into the hands of these THIEVES!!!

Supposedly they changed parts. I never authorized them and when we asked to see the used parts, they said they couldn’t find them and that they would charge us for the hours it took to find them.

A job that honestly costs less than 800 dollars, in this place costs more than 5,300 dollars!


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